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O Level Chemistry Tuition Classes

In the O Level exam, there are three science subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students who do combined science or double science would have to study either Physics and Chemistry or Biology and Chemistry. Thus, Chemistry is quite unavoidable in the O Level science exam.

Key Goals for 
O Level Chemistry

In the O Level Chemistry syllabus, students need to learn how to answer quantitative questions that deal with numerical data as well as qualitative questions which deal with chemistry concepts.

Students will need to be very familiar with each topic to better understand cross topic questions and avoid common pitfalls.

Tutor’s experience

The tutor has 7 years of experience in preparing students for the O Level Chemistry exam. Hui Suan has taught students from Neighborhood Secondary Schools as well as IP and IB Schools.

How O Level Chemistry Tuition Can Help

For the quantitative questions, there is almost a set structure and method to solving these questions. Exams may have complicated experiments with many steps to confuse students, which is why it is important to be able to break down and summarize the question in order to solve it.

As for the qualitative questions, students need to know the key words and phrases to be used for each type of question, and understand the concept behind it. Sometimes the concepts can be further explained through videos of experiments.

O Level Chemistry

Sec 3: Mon: 5-7pm

Sec 4: Wed: 7-9pm

/ 4 lessons

This class will focus on preparing students for the O Level Chemistry (Pure) exam but it is also open to students who are studying:

  • O Level Combined Science
  • Chemistry at an IP School (Integrated Programme)
  • Chemistry at an IB School (International Baccalaureate)

Our Testimonials

Hear from our past O Level Chemistry and Science Students
The tutor was very patient and open to any questions i had. Having tuition with them was stress-free as i knew i could depend on them for the right answers.
singapore student testimonial for o level chemistry class
Zi Yu
Outram Secondary School
Chem C5 to B3
Hui Suan is a very nice and patient teacher, sometimes I would ask them science questions, and they would answer them in a way I understand. 
student testimonial for secondary science class
Zhang Shuo
Sec 2 Science Student
During lessons, I can understand clearly what the tutor teaches as they are very patient and encouraging when teaching concepts I am unclear about.
o level pure chemistry student review
Si Rong
Bukit Panjang Government
High School
Chem E8 to B3

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