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A Level H2 Mathematics Tuition Classes

In the O level Additional Mathematics syllabus, the main challenge for students was to learn new functions such as trigonometry and logarithms and manipulate these math equations accordingly. While having a strong foundation of these skills remain important, the true difficulty in the H2 Math exam comes from understanding novel situations presented and how to apply the appropriate math concepts to it.

About the A Level H2 Mathematics Syllabus and Exam

The A level syllabus went through a major overhaul in 2017. As stated in the MOE syllabus for H2 Mathematics, some of the topics in the old H2 Mathematics syllabus have been either moved to H2 Further Mathematics or H3 Mathematics or in a few cases, scrapped entirely.

Topics moved to H2 Further Mathematics:

  • Mathematical induction
  • Complex numbers (Loci)
  • Conic sections
  • First Order Differential equations
  • Recurrence relations
  • Poisson distribution

Topics moved to H3 Mathematics:

  • Mathematical induction

Tutor’s experience

The tutor graduated from Hwa Chong Junior College in 2010, and was part of the Science and Math Talent Programme. Since then Hui Suan has tutored students of various skill levels from schools such as:

  • HCJC
  • RJC
  • NJC
  • AJC
  • JJC

How can A Level H2 Math Tuition Help?

Since students can no longer rely on simply memorizing key phrases and question structures to score in application questions, they would need to truly understand concepts to apply it in a wide variety of situations. This is where A Level Math Tuition is the most helpful to students.

Students can improve as quickly as a few months, if they learn to grasp the concepts and apply them accordingly. As long as they have a strong foundation in algebraic manipulation and are conscientious of their work, it is likely that these students would improve in a short period of time.

Due to the large change in syllabus, some of the questions found in the A level H2 Math Ten Year Series no longer apply to students preparing for H2 Mathematics in 2018 and beyond

Click here for a list of questions which are still relevant in the TYS. (coming soon)

A Level H2 Mathematics

JC 1: Thu 7-9pm

JC 2: Sat 1-3pm

/ 4 lessons

For students who are studying H1 Mathematics, please check out the timings for O level Additional Mathematics. Most of the syllabus will be similar to that of O level Additional Mathematics, and arrangements will be made to teach the additional topics that only appear in H1 Mathematics


Our Testimonials

Hear from our past A Level H2 Mathematics Students
Hui Suan was a very accommodating and helpful teacher who finds out where students are weakest in order to help them improve in a short period of time. Hui Suan’s method of teaching helped me to understand concepts easily and apply them in practice. Thank you for everything!!
a level math student testimonial
Hui Da
H2 Math: U to C
Very knowledgeable tutor with experience in the subjects, able to explain in a concise manner and clear the conceptual problems of the students
a level math results and improvement
Jaden Lau
Anderson Junior College
Chem B to A, Math C to A
Hui Suan is a very dedicated tutor, who provides meticulous guidance and ensures that I clear my slightest doubt. Also, Hui Suan was able to inspire me to do work harder and strive for better grade in math even though math was never my best subject.
review for h2 math tuition class
Joey Tan
Nanyang Junior College
H2 Math: D to B

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